Conference with a conscience

The only way we can break the circle of poverty in future generations is by helping our children to obtain a good education. An old Government Building in West-Krugersdorp, which used to be known as “LAPPIES and LALIE”, a TED Nursery School of many years ago is now being used for this purpose. It has been standing empty and has become badly neglected. The focus is to transform this building into a high-standard Nursery School, as well as a Homework Centre for vulnerable and under-privileged children.

Currently there are 60 toddlers attending the Nursery School on a daily basis and the Play with a Purpose pre-school Curriculum under the leadership of Helen du Plessis is followed. A healthy cooked meal is provided to these children every day, for many of them it being the only meal that they get to eat for the entire day. Many of the toddlers that are 5 years old cannot sit on a chair at a table, because poverty is rife in the West-Krugersdorp area and there are no chairs and tables at their houses.

How can you help?

Please assist the nursery school by making a contribution at the conference. See here for more detail.